Below you will find a selection of dishes we have served in the past and signature dishes Chef Lee continues to prepare. In addition, you will see some of the concoctions prepared by our team of mixologists.

Singaporean-Style Signature Slaw

One word: iconic. A delectable fresh tower of 19 vegan & gluten-free ingredients tossed in chef Susur Lee’s salted plum dressing. Tossed for you tableside, this dish is a culinary symphony; dinner and a show!

Signature French and Chinese Tong Yuen

Not to be missed! The most unique you’ll ever have, the French & Chinese Tong Yuen is a party in your mouth. No Susur Lee fusion culinary journey would be complete without this warm rice dumpling filled with rich chocolate, nuts & sesame seeds.

Signature Cheeseburger Spring Roll

Unlike any cheeseburger you’ve had before, this playful handheld inside out cheeseburger will have you desperate for more. Wrapped in a crispy lettuce cup with fresh herbs and pickled veg, one of these rich spring rolls may not be enough for you!

Signature Luckee Shrimp Cheung Fun

Chef Lee’s take on a classic dim sum dish, the Luckee Shrimp Cheung Fun offers a delicate inventive balance of soft & crunchy, sweet & spicy, delicate & complex. This fusion dish is one of old world meets innovation!